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Aoyama Harp Accessories 

Please note

* All Aoyama Accessories are inclusive of GST

Soft Case for Saul Lap Harp 

Soft Case for Pedal Harp

* Case and Bootee sold separately

* Case and Bootee sold together with package price

Padded Soft Case for Aoyama 130 & 140 Series lever harps

 Hard Case for Pedal Harp

 Velvet Cover for Aoyama non-pedal and pedal harp.

Harp Trolley with or without handle 

 Saul Harp Extension

We also supply:

Tuning Hammer

Music Stands


Pedal Caps

Tuning Keys



Tuning Pins

For an accurate quote, please send us an email or ring directly: 0433 310 305.

Alternatively, please fill out the provided form below: 

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